4 Tips for Water Conservation Earth Day 2013

This is a video that my son and I put together for his science project.  Ok, let me rephrase that–I took the video and downloaded a app called Splice.  He did the rest.   This app evidently has lots of sound effects because there were random screams, dogs barking . . . .

I have not laughed so hard in very long time–my kid makes me laugh.  He enjoyed making me laugh–we had a moment.  Which is good because we started this project late–hours before it was due . . . and what could have turned into a struggle turned into something super fun.

The app is so cool–you can splice videos like this, upload them right to youtube.   I can see us using this a lot for homeschool reports . . . maybe the new iPad with a camera in it might be a nice Christmas present . . .

Be Blessed as we take care of our planet.

I’m linking up here.  Disclaimer:  I have a real house–with real clutter!

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