Heart Food (Ultimate Recipe Swap)

First thing out of my 5 yo on Valentine’s Day morning was–can we have heart shaped pancakes?

Then the next kid comes into my room and asks, “how are you going to make this Valentine’s Day special Mom?”

Then the other kids chime in with so many ideas that I couldn’t possibly do them all in one day . . . because I already had a plan!

  1. To serve chocolate croissants for breakfast.
  2. To make heart shaped pancakes for lunch.
  3. To make whoopie pies for dinner AND heart shaped mini cheesecakes!
  4. To have a salad with raspberry dressing (we ended up not eating the salad but had it today for lunch.)
  5. To make meatloaf in a heart shaped pan with mashed potatoes and gravy!
  6. To make heart shaped breadsticks.
  7. To shower everyone with encouraging words all through the day–
  8. To text my husband oxox a few times.






IMG_2062It was a great day!  I think everyone felt love in their own special way.  I realized how bless I really am.  I found joy in the simple things.  I slowed down enough to see, feel, and process how I felt and rejoiced in knowing that they felt loved.

My heart sang!

Be Blessed as you discover how to find love and joy in your everyday!

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