How to Cut an Avocado

I love guacamole!

Well, I love chips!  If you have followed along on instagram or my face book page you know how much I love chips . . . potato, sweet potato, corn chips. I love crunch, salt and you know what else?  Watch the video below for perfect guacamole.classicguac

I’m a dipper!

I love cookies dipped into my coffee.

Sea Salt and Lime chips with my guacamole.

Buttered toast dipped into perfectly cooked eggs . . . ok, that was my pre-vegan days.

Hard crunchy artisan bread dipped into soup.

You get the idea.  

How to Cut an Avocado

Since I use avocados in my cooking so often, people will ask me “how do I pick a good one”.  That’s a tough question to answer because you really need to feel the avocado and see it BUT here are some of my best tips:

  • make sure the stem part is still on the avocado.  When the stem comes off it should be green.   
  • I buy Hass avocado because they grow year round–so you won’t need to worry about growing seasons
  • avoid fruit with blemishes
  • hold the avocado in the palm of your hand–if it’s hard=unripe, mushy=mushy and gross, firm with a slight ability to be indented=perfect
  • shake it–yes, shake that avocado!  Look crazy!  But if you hear a rattle, that means the pit inside has pulled away from the flesh and it will be over ripe.
  • I over buy avocados just in case one is bad–it takes a while to get the hang of picking out a perfect avocado.

The Video

How to eat Avocados?

We love guacamole and chips.bestafterschoolsnackever

I use it as a spread instead of vegan mayo.

I put it on my rice and beans with salsa.

I add avocado to my green smoothies.

I love salad with avocado and cucumber–that variation is posted on my instagram page often!

Tell Me

How do you eat avocados?

or are you from the school of thought that they are bad for you?  

Let’s chat about that, shall we?  Comment below or on the FB page!

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