how to roast carrots

How to Roast Carrots

How to Roast Carrotshow to roast carrots

I’m a huge fan of roasted veggies!  Especially carrots.  My CSA delivers carrots throughout the year!  I never really considered carrots a “winter” vegetable but rather a late summer veggie.  


  1. It’s fast.
  2. I can’t really mess it up.
  3. Roasted veggies can be used in loads of different ways.
  4. A deeper flavor.
  5. After roasting I have 5 days to use them!
  6. A great make ahead meal

(If you are just dying of curiosity about how to keep carrots for months without them going bad . . . leave a note in the comments and I’ll find that article for you and reply back in the comments–that way everyone can know!)

How to Roast?roasted organic carrots

I have an awesome roasting pan from Williams Sonoma–the bottom prevents the veggies from sticking 


it has raised sides so the veggies don’t “jump off” when I’m putting the pan in and out of the oven.

  • wash the carrots
  • if carrots aren’t organic you should peel them–I can’t remember where I read this–but you can Google it.
  • cut if you desire.  I leave my carrots whole.
  • I add a touch of olive oil or I toss the carrots in water (sometimes if time is tight–I wrap them in foil, roast for the time and shut off the oven and leave the carrots in the oven, wrapped in foil.)
  • roast for 20 minutes at 450 degrees.  Of course check them to make sure they are cooked the way you want.

What do I do with my roasted carrots?

  • mash them.
  • add them to salads.
  • add to soup.
  • slice length wise and put them on a yummy sandwich.
  • add to pasta with spinach and roasted pine nuts.
  • add to caramelized onions and rice
  • reheat with a bit of honey and onions

Roasted carrots are a INSANELY simple way to eat with L.O.V.E.

When we eat with L.O.V.E. we live love.

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