Amazing Red Sauce

Pasta with red sauce is an iconic kid meal.  It is also comfort food for many adults.  Did you ever notice how comfort food is often kid food too?  Did you know that some red sauce is called gravy?  That one was new to me!  For me gravy is for potatoes and stuffing!  {oops, I started to ramble . . . }

I make several red sauces depending on what I have in the house and what is in season.  Typically, I buy organic red sauce and add onions, garlic, and peppers.  But often I put a combination of  leeks, mushrooms, celery, spinach, kale and carrots . . . clearly I use what I have on hand.

My family loves meatballs!  So occasionally I will make meatballs to go with the red sauce.  I cook them separately so the red sauce will still be vegan but my meat eaters can have the meatballs.  Another favorite is sausage ravioli or chicken tortellini.   

[yumprint-recipe id='5']This is a great basic recipe.  I have found a organic red sauce that is the same price as non-organic.  SCORE.  Why organic?  Check out the Fun Food Fact Friday on the dirty dozen and the clean green food lists to find out how I decide what to buy organic.  

This recipe is doubled so that I can freeze one batch–I love the idea of cooking once and having 2 meals!

Want to watch a red sauce video?  I made this video to show you just how simple and FAST it is to make a great red sauce with loads of veggies!

Be Blessed.




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