baked potato

Asian Inspired Baked Potato

Asian Inspired Baked Potato

I have a busy family.  4 kids in multiple overlapping sports, music lessons and concerts, homeschooling 2 kids, running two businesses . . . feeding everyone is tricky.  Feeding everyone healthy meals is even trickier!  I feel it is a priority to eat whole foods as close to their natural state as I can.  

Introducing the Baked Potato

 A baked potato can be kind of boring BUT when you have a baked potato bar at the end of the week . . . using all the leftovers . . . I was feeling like a genius and Rock Star rolled into one!  

On this particular night I made:

  • Asian Inspired: peppers, onions, broccoli, mushrooms and carrots with super simple Teriakyi sauce (if you want the recipe you can email me)
  • Taco Potatoes:  These are vegetarian–cheese, salsa and sour cream 
  • Classic: Earth Balance vegan “butter” with salt and pepper
  • Loaded:  butter, sour cream, bacon bits, two different kinds of cheese–absolutely not vegan at all.

 #veganRenee Cooking Tip

  1. Plan on having baked potatoes later in the week or on the weekend if you want to use leftovers.
  2. Make just one kind of Baked Potato–Taco Inspired Potatoes have a wide variety of ingredients to make everyone happy!
  3. Use your crockpot to cook the potatoes during the day.
  4. Have fun with this!  Create a buffet style set up and let everyone build their own potato!



Be Blessed as you create inspired meals for your family!  

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