Sweet and Savory Gnocchi–Blab Cooking Show

Sweet and Savory Gnocchi

Two recipes–one sweet and one savory, makes parents happy and kids happy.

The best part is that the kids see that the same ingredients are used in the savory version and are more inclined to try something new.  I never try to “trick” my kids into eating food.  I put it on the table and they need to try it.  Over the years the drama of trying new foods has diminished.  Occasionally, we have a bit of choking–but usually it is on the fake side–choking as they look out of the corner of their eye to see how I’ll respond.  As a new mom, I would freak out–but now, I’m much more laid back because I know that one shred of spinach will NOT provoke choking.

As a compassionate parent, if I know my kid hates tomato soup but eats other veggies–I DO NOT give him tomato soup.  I will offer it and he/she will make a choice.  The idea is to offer tomato soup or a salad.  Both are good options.  I won’t offer tomato soup or a pop tart!!  That would just be crazy.


Cinnamon Sugar Gnocchi

Ok, this is not complicated.

Boil the gnocchi, strain, add the a pan of melted butter with cinnamon sugar.

How positively simple is that?  You can check out the blog post I wrote here.

Blow your mind VEGAN savory gnocchi!

Go ahead and tweet that!

Seriously, this is the best vegan pesto I have ever made.  The recipe comes from the Wall Street Journal–a great story about how Chef Massimo Bottura, with the help of Catholic Charities  Caritas Ambrosiana, cooked for homeless residents of Milan during the Expo 2015.  I so love this on all levels.  It completely dovetails with my personal support of Our Lady of Angels in Chicago feeding, clothing and offering household items to the poorest section of Chicago.

Chef Massimo had limited supplies and out of necessity comes amazing things.  I have changed his recipe quite a bit–I have kept the essence of frugal, funky and fun!


Frugal, Funky, Fun Pesto!

Ingredients for pesto:

  • salt and pepper
  • 1 cup olive oil (something that you like to eat raw)
  • 4 cloves of garlic
  • 1 cup of breadcrumbs from really good hearty flavorful bread–because honestly, that is the ONLY kind of bread to eat.
  • 2 cups mixed greens, herbs, tops of the fennel and carrots
  • 1 lb of gnocchi

Ingredients for the veggies:

  • fennel sliced thin
  • carrots cut longwise

Boil salt water and add gnocchi into the boiling water.

While the water is coming to a boil make the pesto.

In the food processor add the garlic and puree.  Slowly add the olive oil.  Add the mixture of green and pulse a few times.  DO NOT OVER PULSE–if you do it will become a green mush and won’t look very appealing and will be a sticky green mess.  Not what you want.  Add the bread crumbs and pulse.  You just made vegan pesto!


Slice the fennel and the carrots as thinly as you can.  Begin to sauté veggies in olive oil for a few minutes.  When they are just tender, but not too much, add 1/4 cup of the gnocchi water to give them a quick steam.

Add 1/4 cup of the pesto and a bit more of that gnocchi water adding a layer of flavorful goodness.

Using a slotted spoon–transfer gnocchi to the pesto/fennel/carrot pan.  Stir gently.  Add more pesto if that’s what gets your groove on.

Do a little dance as you eat a super yummy vegan dinner!

Try it!

Make this recipe and let me know how it worked!  Did you switch out fennel for leeks?  Pumpernickel bread for onion?  Mint leaves instead of Basil? How did you change it and did you like it?

Let me know in the comments!

Plant Based Nutrition Tips

  • Try different types of gnocchi–this variety happens to be vegan.  If you go vegetarian you can find many interesting varieties.
  • Make your own fun gnocchi.  Ok, I am totally not practicing what I preach here but maybe you will have better luck than I did!
  • Play with the greens in the pesto–this recipe lends itself to what is in season and what you love to eat.  Make it your own.
  • Change up the veggie combinations.  Peppers and tomatoes, sweet potato and onion–haha, almost said bacon there!, broccoli and kale.

Be Blessed as you live and eat with L.O.V.E.,

oxox Renee

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Superfood Slaw–Blab Cooking show

Vegan Superfood Slaw

Today I had the amazing opportunity to join Chef Dennis on Blab.  I was nervous, you know, cooking in front of a real chef.

My kids are loving the super foods slaw that I’ve been making and of course it is one of my favorite go-to salads to make because the combinations are endless.  The only recipe that I will give you is a guide for the dressing/slaw juice–the rest will be a list of ingredients that you can mix and match to your liking.

Slaw Sauce

3 tablespoons fat (olive oil or vegan mayo)

3 teaspoons sour (vinegar, lemon juice)

salt, pepper, spices to taste

How easy is that?

superfood salad



  • kale
  • apples
  • super greens mix–swiss chard, spinach, arugula, tai soi,
  • radicchio
  • blueberries
  • broccoli
  • carrots
  • Brussels Sprouts
  • ginger
  • hemp seeds
  • pistachios
  • chia seeds

I use any or all of these super yummy foods to make this salad.  I love the versatility.

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