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Banana Muffins Vegan Style

vegan muffinsVegan Muffins?  Blech!

I miss baked goods.  I miss making banana muffins with my kids.  

The warm smell of melted chocolate and banana . . . that–get’s me excited.

One of my final steps in being Vegan was the problem with eggs in baking.  The problem . . . is kind of complicated.  I have a CSA egg share and I don’t want to cancel it for a few reasons . . . really, do you want me to bore you with the details about my eggs issues?  I won’t.  Just know, that being a Vegan Mom among non vegans isn’t always easy.

I’m lazy!

Not exactly true–I’m more like the energizer bunny ;-) or a race horse.  But some times I just can’t battle the little things.  Like eggs!  I love my muffin recipes and I didn’t want to go and find another recipe (from some weird vegan cookbook) that I had to then tweak, just so I wouldn’t use eggs.  

I solved the problem by not eating baked goods.  No muffins, cakes, cookies.

Did I just say Weird Vegan Cookbook?

Actually, yes I did.  I love going to the library and getting armfuls of cookbooks.  Do I ever make anything?  NO.  I look at the pictures.  When I started to seriously pursue my vegan-ness I checked out vegan cookbooks.  What a mistake.  The cookbooks had all sorts of ingredients that I do not typically buy.  And if you are Vegan, and love using all those ingredients–knock yourself out.  It’s just not for me.

Real Mom, Real Food in a Real Kitchen

I do pride myself on being a real mom with big issues with getting the kids out the door . . . somewhat on time, making food that is healthy with REAL ingredients.  I do cheat on some things.  I will buy those microwavable rice pouches and those salad kits to save time–the kids are starting to have 3rd and 4th dinners at 9 and 11 pm and I’m a “real tired” mom at that point and they are on their own.  My point is I don’t like processed fake vegan food.  But having just said I don’t like fake foods . . . 

Fake Eggs

In this recipe I finally used my “egg replacer”.  A box of . . . what?  I’m going to admit something here–I just bought the egg replacer because I didn’t want to eat eggs but DID want to eat muffins AND didn’t worry about what was even IN the egg replacer.  That was not forward thinking!  What is even in it?

  • Potato Starch–that doesn’t sound bad.
  • Tapioca Flour–I’ve used that before in thickening my famous pies!
  • Cream of Tartar–I’ve used that before too!
  • Cellulose Gum and Modified Cellulose . . . hhhmmmm.  These are not on my spice rack!  Definition: A chemically modified form of cellulose (the principal component of plant cells) used to prevent ice crystallization in foods.  I can live with that.

This website is a great resource for crazy ingredients.  http://www.vrg.org/ingredients/  I use it often to figure out what I’m eating–then decide if I can live without it or not.  It’s all about making the best choice at that moment in time.  

Finally!  The Recipe!


[yumprint-recipe id='15'] 




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cranberry blessing

Cranberry Chutney (Vegan)

Vegan Cranberry Chutney 

I’m slowly getting ready for Thanksgiving.  Very slowly.  I just decided yesterday to buy some cranberries with no real intention of making sauce.  I just bought them–they are a pretty cranberry color and . . . they sort of define Thanksgiving.  Seriously, I bought with no intention!  BUT I do know that I can freeze cranberries so even if I didn’t use them now . . . I could freeze them and use them later.  Sometimes I do things that don’t really make a lot of sense.  (For the record I have bought fingernail polish because it was a pretty color–but I never paint my nails AND I have lots and lots of really beautiful yarn . . . are you seeing a trend?)

The Video

My real time, on the fly video.  








The Ingredients

  1. one smaller box of cranberries
  2. 1/2 of a sweet onion
  3. juice and zest of one Cara Cara orange (IMHO these oranges are the absolute best on earth.)
  4. 3 smaller carrots
  5. 6 cloves of garlic–which is too much!

I start with the onions on low to caramelize them . . . then add the rest.  

When I was in the kitchen on this day I also prepped up my butternut squash–I had 4!  I roasted them all.  I will make soup, freeze some cubes and use the remaining squash for my Thanksgiving day vegan casserole.  

Be Blessed as you eat with L.O.V.E.

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two beets

Can’t Beat, Roasted Beets

Just Beet It

I have a running shirt that says “just beet it”.  It makes me smile when I wear it.  Beets are just fun that way.  I bought my shirt at the Engine 2 Retreat  I attended this past summer, a big step in honoring my intention to eat healthy.  It was an incredible weekend of food, friends, learning and beets.  Not only did I buy a super cool shirt, I found several other beet lovers who were happy to share their recipes with me.

Where do I buy beets?

I have been blessed to have beets in my CSA box.  (read more here on how I picked my farmer! for my local readers–check out these local options.)  Currently, I support 3 local farms–2 of these are less than 5 miles from my house.  Ok, I know I’m weird when I get excited thinking that my beets are growing just a few miles from the house.  (Then again, I am the lady who suggested that I make myself a dress out of Swiss Chard on a video!)  My local farms Radical Root and Sandhill Farms have been alternating weeks of having beets in the boxes–completely unintentional yet it has let me “pace myself” on my beet consumption.  I urge you to find your own CSA options.  My third farm is Tomato Mountain Farm in WI, they actually deliver to my door!  I love them just for that.

If you don’t have a CSA–then go to the grocery store.  They seem to always have beets available.  Even my Super Target has beets!  So really–there are no excuses for not buying beets.  

How to Cook Beets

So simple.  

  • wash them
  • cut the “tail” off so they will “stand up” on the baking sheet
  • line them up on a foil lined baking sheet
  • roast at 400 for a good 40 minutes.  I prefer my beets to be a little firm.
  • I wrap the beets in the foil and store them in the fridge up to a week.  (they NEVER last that long.)
  • I peel them as I need them.  Having beets prepped ahead of time is very helpful during the busy week.

roasted beets


How to Eat Beets

I eat them just warm out of the oven.  I have simple tastes.  But you could also:

  • serve them cold with a vinaigrette (your can try my recipe.)
  • mash them (like potatoes) add salt, pepper and Earth Balance vegan spread.
  • cut into cubes with feta cheese sprinkled on top (I serve this side dish warm).  Vegan option:  I use some panko bread crumbs instead of the feta.
  • add them to salads–it turns everything pink, so if that is a deal breaker . . . eat them on the side.
  • juice them–this is done with raw beets and it is one of my most favorite, amazing ways to eat beets!  Beets, carrots, one apple and ginger–this is a wonderfully grounding juice.  When I feel scattered or just need to breathe–this juice does that.  It offers me quiet energy.

Share with me!

How do you eat beets?  Share your recipes in the comments!  Then tweet it out so we can share the love of beets!roasting beets

Be Blessed as you eat with L.O.V.E.!



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