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Counting Greens vs. Counting Calories

Counting Greens

I love this idea of counting greens vs. counting calories.  It just makes sense to me.  

Each day I cook for 6 people.  I try to make sure that everyone eats a somewhat balanced diet.  Not a daily balanced diet because that would make me go nuts but by the end of the week I want everyone to have eaten some fruit, had a salad or two and didn’t indulge too much on sweets.  

The sweets part is easy–I don’t buy it and I only make it every so often.  I grew tired of the parenting battle of “you can have dessert if you eat your (insert random food item they won’t eat that day) so I eliminated making desserts.  I just required them to eat their food or . . . not.  

Watch this video

As much as I love making videos . . . I also love sharing them.

In this incredibly informative video you’ll understand why I don’t count calories!  —>  Click here for the video.

How to Cook Greens?

Ok, so maybe I’ll share a few of my posts and videos on greens!

Swiss Chard


Brussels Sprouts


Beet Greens

Be Blessed as you prepare food to nourish the body and soul.

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