Food School: a 31 day course (day 15) Is Sugar Vegan?


What could possibly be wrong with sugar?  

Well, I found out quite a bit.  

First, the two most common sources of sugar in the U.S. are beets and sugar cane.  Two different plants–same taste.

Cane sugar however is filtered using the bones of cows (and lots of them!)  That sort of grossed me out!  

Is beet sugar safe for vegans or those wanting a different processing?

Yes.  Beet sugar is fine for vegans and it is also generally better for the environment BUT many of the beets grown for sugar are genetically modified (GM).

So what can I use?  

Turbinado sugar, organic evaporated can juice, organic dehydrated cane juice and organic can sugar are all bone-char free!  

The Best Choice: Florida Crystals, organic sugar of any brand, sugar in the raw.

The Worst Choice:  Domino and C&H brands.

I spent several hours researching, watching videos and reading documents on the environmental impact of growing sugar.  It was overwhelming.  

How can you make a difference?  buy organic, use less sugar, and rather than buy processed sugary foods:  bake your own cookies, make your own fudge, and think about the when and why you crave sugar.  Skip the Snickers, M&M’s, and Smores!

I found this website that was an intense read but extremely informative.  This site was the most balanced and informative site–with really cool pictures–I never knew what sugar cane looked like!

I also want to offer the information that is in the book “The China Study”, Dr. Campbell discusses the reversal of cancer causing cells by reducing or eliminating sugar.  After I read that I’ve taken a break from sugar.  I will admit that I’m feeling better and less “crazed” at 3 in the afternoon.  

As I research more and more–I’m finding it easier and easier to eliminate the “stuff” I don’t need.  The bonus is that I’m losing weight along the way!  I’m feeling a transformation of how my body feels in relation to what I eat–I feel empowered that I have choices.  

Be Blessed.

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cookbook coming soon

Books I suggest: The Omnivore’s Dilemma: The Secrets Behind What You Eat,

Young Readers Edition The Omnivore’s Dilemma: A Natural History of Four Meals

Hope’s Edge: The Next Diet for a Small Planet

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2 replies
    • Renee
      Renee says:

      I had no idea about how sugar is processed! Each day I learn something new AND the solution is aften an easy fix! Being healthy, green, earth loving . . . isn’t as hard as it might seem.

      Be Blessed.


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