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Father’s Day Best Choice BBQ


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Happy Father’s Day!

How does a Vegan Mom prepare a “mans meal” of grilled meat for Father’s Day?


This info graphic is from

With Planning

My shopping list for the day is easy:

fruit (watermelon–classic! and cantaloupe)  Watch my how to cut a watermelon in less than a minute!

green salad

broccoli slaw 

sweet potato salad 

Meat (from our local farmer!) or Niman Ranch hotdogs

Are you new at this sustainable meat idea?

Screen Shot 2014-06-12 at 8.49.07 AM

thank you Christa Sterken for being an awesome photographer!

It can be very confusing!  I wrote this article about the lingo surrounding grass fed, organic, gmo-free.  I hope it begins to shed some light on a topic that has conflicting wording and slight of hand used by food marketers.

But I found this great resource from Mamavation.  The graphic above is from Mamavation–kudos for such a wonderful way to help us make the best choices.  The article in the link above goes into great detail–go read it now!  A phenomenal website that I highly recommend.

This year I have decided to get ALL of my meat from a local CSA that has a meat share available.  I love it–once a month I get a box with enough meat for my family.  It allows them to have meat twice a week in a local and sustainable way.  

Celebrate our Father’s, Dads, Brothers, Uncles

How will you celebrate the men in your life?  

My goal is to have an intentional day of showing how much I appreciate my husbands willingness to be a father.  I never want to under estimate the sacrifice it takes for men to be husbands and fathers.  They are a blessing.

Eat with L.O.V.E.,


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