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French Toast Sticks (Dairy Free)

French Toast Sticks!

Dairy Free French Toast Sticks were a hit on Instagram this week!  This recipe is not vegan.  I tried to make it vegan and it didn’t work.  I was a bit bummed.  I was also not thrilled with how they turned out . . . but my kids assured me that they were perfect!  I didn’t add powdered sugar but I thought about it.  What bugged me was the inconsistent coloring . . . I know, I know–who gives a shizzle?  But I do.  I like things a certain way.  Next time I will cook them on the griddle and see how they look!


The Recipe (such that it is . . . I don’t really like recipes.)

  1. cut a stack of bread into 4 pieces.
  2. crack 3 eggs in a bowl, whisk.  add almond milk until the mixture is less yellow and more white–that is the perfect “wash” for the bread.  If you are using eggs and milk it is the same thing–add the milk until the mixture isn’t yellow.
  3. add the bread to the mixture one slice at a time, turning to coat them.
  4. place the “sticks” into the hot oiled/buttered/earth balanced pan–same temp as for pancakes.
  5. enjoy!

Don’t Forget

This is a great make ahead meal AND a great lunch meal.  I have also frozen them for traveling or for breakfast.  I play around with different breads . . .

What to do next?

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