Fun Food Fact Friday #7 (do you love your lunch?)




1)  Step-by-step approach to simple change.

This is a very “heady” interview about how we can change . . . for the better.  I believe in an integrated medicine approach.  This is a short video with Depak Chopra that I found very interesting and informative.  

I believe a few simple (free) steps to can lead to a happy, compassionate, healthy life.

2)  Food with Integrity!  

This is another video that shows how pigs should be raised.  (I posted a really horrific one on the blog that showed animal abuse and this is not like that.)  I don’t eat bacon anymore–but I would eat bacon from a farmer like Paul.  My vegan struggle is about compassion–I don’t want to support farming that causes harm to animals.  I get that they need to die and that causes harm–my mind gets that but my heart still doesn’t want to eat meat.  So . . . I will seek out meat from this group of farmers who have adopted humane farming procedures to feed my family members who eat meat. 

3)  Read them or just look at the pictures?

I don’t really like cookbooks–I love to cook, learn about new techniques, explore exciting combinations . . . but 1/2 cup of this or a teaspoon of this–just isn’t my thing.  When I found The New Vegetarian Cooking for Everyone, I was immediately interested!  Deborah Madison, the author, offers food facts (you know how much I love my food facts!), simple recipes–like this one: sliced fennel is brown in oil, add salt and pepper!  How simple and wonderfully delish AND vegan!  As a disclosure–I was not given a book by the author or publisher.  My excitement is purely my own–but if they did send a copy my way!  I would love that! You can order your copy here The New Vegetarian Cooking for Everyone.

4)  Do you Love your Lunch?

I am currently creating an email course about . . . LUNCHES!  I struggle with making lunches–I make 5 a day (hubs goes to the work cafeteria) and I’ll be honest, it can be a grind.  After packing school lunches and snacks for almost 10 years now, I’m getting really good at it!  My criteria for a lunch is sweet, salty, healthy, crunchy . . . with a huge glass of ice water!  Do you struggle too?  I will cover cost, nutrition, ease and how to get kids involved in making their OWN lunch.  I’m making shopping lists, idea lists, night before checklists, my goal is to make Loving your Lunch simple, fun and of course vegan if you want :-).

5)  Please leave a note in the comments!

I’d love to hear from you.  What did you think about the videos?  Could you take 10 minutes of quiet time a day?  Would you support more expensive farming that was compassionate?  Do you want more cookbook reviews like The New Vegetarian Cooking for Everyone.  Do you love your lunch?  I’m waiting in the comments to hear from you.

Have a great weekend!  I’ll be at a soccer tournament . . . I’m living my dream of parenthood.

Be Blessed.



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