Fun Food Fact Friday #8

Fun Food Fact Friday #8 Easter Edition


Fun Food Fact Friday #8


Are you ready for Easter?

I am not!  This Fun Food Fact Friday is about everything Easter!

1)  My not-so-vegan dinner.  

We are having Honey Baked Ham for dinner.  My family absolutely loves Honey Baked Ham.  At Christmas I did eat it but this holiday . . . it just doesn’t sound appealing to me.  I do love homemade split pea soup made with the ham bone–but I’m not even sure that I will make that.  From a culinary perspective I do enjoy cooking with the ham bone, creating meals with the leftovers and seeing the delight on everyone’s faces as they “finally get meat”.  The kids love my crustless quiche–you can easily print out the recipe.

2)  We will not be dying eggs this year!  

I wrote about my huge fail on Marriage, Motherhood and Missions, another blog where I am a contributor.  I will be eating jelly beans and Cadbury caramel eggs!

3)  Food Research.  

The other day I was thinking about “where the heck do jelly beans come from anyway?”  I found this fun little article about the history of jelly beans.

4)  Spring and Easter

are symbols of renewal and spring cleaning!  I did a little bit of cleaning and found a gift certificate to White Flower Farms!  I bought a lemon tree, blue berry bushes, raspberry bushes and some interesting hostas!  I’m one step closer to having and edible landscape.  (Well, I can’t eat the hostas but I love them in my flower arrangements!)

5)  Saturday is National Garlic Day!  

Seriously!  I have a special recipe that I will be posting that I use ALL the time.  Garlic, lime, olive oil . . . stay tuned for the full details.


Be Blessed as we enjoy exploring all of the fun food facts!


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