Make Ahead Salad

Does your day ever spin out of control?

Mine does–I forget to eat . . . even when I get the kids lunch ready . . . I forget to make my own!

Then I remember that I didn’t make lunch, I eat their leftovers which is food that I don’t really enjoy.  I love my salads–especially in the summer time when the local farmers market is bursting with cucumbers and heirloom tomatoes.

I’ve been trying so hard to lose weight–my goal was 70 lbs this year–so far only 10 have come off (big sad face) but I can run 3 miles without feeling like I might die!  I’ve recently had a dietary shift–basically I eat a plant based diet.  Will I eat a hot dog!  I sure will–but it will be an Applegate uncured hotdog!  Will I eat a hamburger at McDonalds–NO!

I’m eating much more mindfully now.  I’ve already started writing about it with this post about GMO’s.

Problem:  Not eating lunch!

Solution:  Make a few days worth of lunches ahead of time.

layered Tex Mex Salad







Be Blessed as you take time to nourish your body with the best possible foods available to you!

(Did you notice the box of cereal?  I don’t like cereal as a meal–but these chocolate mini wheats are fun to add into trail mix.  And if you have a kid who takes forever to eat breakfast . . . or has to go to the bathroom RIGHT after you pour the milk–EVERY MORNING!  These are great.)

Meatloaf, in a crockpot?

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