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Micro Farm August Update

 Micro Farm August Update!

 What an amazing summer it has been here on the micro farm!

The Holly hocks were amazing!  The holly hocks are so old fashioned and romantic . . . I could just swoon at the thought of my grandma having them on the farm–bringing grandpa coffee and a shot of whiskey for breakfast!  Add a jalapeño chaser and that’s my kind of guy!  Holly hocks are a perennial flower with very long lasting flowers–they are great intermingled in with the raspberries.  

Why holly hocks and raspberries?

I like a constant flow of flowers–in this mini garden the raspberries grow first, flower and then bear fruit.  At the end of this growing cycle the holly hocks begin to bloom.  It’s a perfect flow.

Growing Lemons in Illinois!

I’m pretty excited about this!  When I lived in California . . . I had the most amazing micro farm.  When we moved–I cried a river over leaving my orchard of peaches, avocados, pears, lemon trees and lime trees.  I may cry now just at the thought of it!  Everywhere I have EVER lived I planted something–and some times I go back and look for the plants or the trees.  I know–how sentimental can one old gal be?  

I digress.  (one thing about growing older is I lose myself in wonderful memories.)  When we left California I brought back one lime tree and one lemon tree.  They survived for a few years but I had babies to tend to (real humans not dogs or trees!) Fast forward 13 years and I still miss those trees so . . . I bought a mini lemon tree.  I had my doubts if it would ever bloom, not because of my botanical ability but our kitten Clare also liked the lemon tree and it was just the size for a kitten to climb.  It was part adorable to see a mini cat on a mini tree but it came at a cost.  I didn’t give up.  Clare left me with a mere stick in dirt.  I kept watering the stick.  Then one day a leaf sprout, then another.  Yeah!  Now I have a few lemons a year.  It is worth it just for the fragrance of the lemon blossoms.  Sweet and intoxicating.  (FYI:  I don’t let Clare near the lemon tree!)

Organic Strawberries

It started with just one 4 x 4 spot for strawberries–a humble and containable space.  Then they spread.  I transplanted them to the front yard as ground cover.  Edible ground cover!  How cool is that?  And if I mow over them . . . strawberries grow right back.  I’m a genius!  Now I have strawberries almost everywhere–I don’t mind at all.  I love being able to have a steady supply to eat, make jam and feed a few to the turtles.  Strawberries are also pretty low maintenance and can live in containers–but I think they are happier in the ground eventually.  

Mojito Monday or Meatless Monday–your choice!

I grow mint.  I use mint a lot.  Mint tea.  Mint lemonade.  Mojito Mondays.  Mint in salads.  Mint infused rice.  I grow chocolate mint, Iranian mint, spearmint, peppermint and lemon mint.  Mint is good!  Mojito’s are good.  In my next life I want to be a mixologist.


So, so yummy!  Chives are one of the very first things to show up in my garden!  I add them to spaghetti sauce, stir fry, put the chive blossoms in water for a beautiful edible arrangement, add them to mashed potatoes and every soup I make.  

You may not know this about me but my favorite colors are purple and green–chives have both and in the most perfect shades.  What’s not to love about chives?

Want more?  

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Be Blessed.  

Do widzenia.

Vìso gero!






























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