My Favorite Plum Market Salad

Plum Market in Ann Arbor . . . 

is one of my favorite places to visit when I go home.  What’s not to love?  The produce is great–much of it is local, the beer and wine selection keeps my interest, the sushi is fresh and wonderful and the deli is awesome!  I’m a deli girl.  I’ve worked in deli’s off and on for many, many years in my younger days and it is my favorite kind of work.  Intense, changes daily, everything is fresh and you get to look over the counter and SEE the person you are feeding.  That connection is primal.  (ok, maybe it’s just that way for me . . . )

 I’m a traveling Vegan

Well, I’m actually a traveling Mom who happens to be Vegan!  My first big trip with kids was in 2002–my son was 18 months and I was pregnant with baby #2.  We “all” flew to Florida and stayed on Santa Maria something–near Bradenton.  It was an amazing trip.  Rental Car with a car seat, renting a tiny apartment with a pool!  The rental company hooked me up with another rental company for a crib and toys!  I rented toys!  

  1. Who rents toys?  (me, a new mom and I didn’t want my baby to be bored!)  Laughable when I think of it now!
  2. The apartment with a heated pool was amazing–waking up for a 2 am feed under the stars poolside . . . 
  3. Having my kid ride in a Kelty hiking backpack in the airport!

Soon after that trip I bought my cabin.  Then it was going to the cabin EVERY chance we had!  (ok, not much has changed there.  Even though it is 400 miles away, it will always be home of sorts.)  

Where am I going with this story?

Oh yeah, now, when we travel home from Ann Arbor or when we pass through Ann Arbor or . . . if we have a hotel room in Ann Arbor, we always stop at Plum Market.  It is local, organic, veggies, everyday!  And you KNOW how that gets me excited.  We can all get the food that will be best for us on our travels.  

The Food Bar

The Food Bar is absolutely amazing!  They also have a salad bar with all the normal stuff . . . but the hot bar had lots of Indian food, Greek Food and Classic American Food (my kids don’t eat that–not because of me, but because they don’t like it.)  If my kids are given the choice of Marsala vs. Fries–they chose Marsala.  What’s great about the food bar?

  1. Everyone gets what they want to eat.
  2. They get to try new foods a dab at a time.
  3. It is cheaper than a restaurant.
  4. It is faster than fast food and so much better for you!

My Plum Market Favorite Salad



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