Oatmeal 101: a Blab Cooking Show

Oatmeal 101

Do you know I do a cooking show?

I do and it is pretty cool.  Just me and my friend Chef Dennis–he is in Florida and I’m in Illinois–we meet up on a live streaming platform called Blab.  Since I AM my own production team–hair, wardrobe, make up (let’s be honest here–I brush my hair, slap on some lip gloss and pick out an apron, nothing tricky) BUT the tech part of it is a huge challenge for me.  On Blab you can be in the test zone–this is a place where I do a sound check, lighting and see what my cameras have in the back ground.  (this is crucial because I don’t clean my entire kitchen!!!!)

I was in the test zone for this blab and a guy came on and asked me all kinds of questions about oatmeal.  It was awesome!  He received  one on one food  coaching and I worked out a few glitches in my presentation about oatmeal.  His first question was . . .

Why a Show on Oatmeal?

He went on saying that oatmeal was boring and he didn’t understand why anyone would want to eat it.  I laughed because I get that a lot!  More than what you might know.  Oatmeal is tasteless and boring.  If you feel this way, please change your mindset.  Watch this show and afterwards I invite you to make boring oatmeal!

Watch me here

A super fun show on oatmeal!

My favorites

I have two.  One is Bob’s Red Mill–all of the oatmeals are wonderful but one in particular stands out for me Muesli and I combine that with a local stone cut oatmeal from Baker Miller.  The combination of the nuts and berries of the muesli with the earthy chewiness of the stone cut oats is a perfect combination for me.  Did I mention that it cooks in about 5 minutes?

Plant Based Nutrition Recommendations

  • try out a few types of oatmeal, they are different in texture and flavor
  • add some super fun toppings
  • commit to having oatmeal once a week
  • remember you can easily make a double batch and reheat in the microwave (I do this all the time)
  • google oatmeal and your health concern–be proactive in your health care

Are you following me?

I post photos of my food on my Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/reneebaudeskitchen/), Instagram and on twitter . . . follow me there for inspiration!

Be Blessed as you live and cook with L.O.V.E.,



P.S. check out this post about oatmeal!


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