Phish Phriday–Vegan Lunch

Phish Phriday/Fish Friday (Vegan Lunch)

Growing up I ate hot lunch at school every day.  Fish Friday was one of my favorite lunches!  Now that I think about it, that is probably why Lent is one of my favorite seasons . . .

This vegan lunch reminds me of the old days.

The food in the 70’s was awesome, homemade, and made with love from the most talented women in our small town . . . it wasn’t exactly a town.  Willis, Michigan was more like a spot in the road.  It is a nowhere place perfect for dreaming big dreams.

The lunch ladies loved me!  I always made sure that I went back and told them what I really loved about their cooking.  I was for real–not shmoozing.  They cooked things my mom could never have cooked.  Over time, they began giving me exactly what I liked.  For instance they NEVER EVER gave me green beans.  They knew I hated picking them and eating them.  Sometimes when I’m feeling a bit nostalgic I make these fish sticks for lunch.

Vegan Fish Sticks with Avocado spread and a Mixed Green Salad with dried blueberries, almonds, and a basil/blueberry dressing.  So good!


I said a little prayer for those lunch ladies.  I’m sure most of them have passed but the love they showed still lives in my heart.  That was a lesson to me–long after I die, I want people to remember the love I put into everything I do.

Be Blessed.


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