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Are you ready to get your food groove shakin’?

#veganRenee Radio is THE place to listen to how a Vegan Mom of 4, Micro Farmer and Free Spirit eats and lives with L.O.V.E.!

4 main topics:

  • local
  • organic
  • veggies (and fruits)
  • everyday.

My three-fold approach to eating and living with L.O.V.E.:

Vegan Mom:

  • how I cook vegan meals in a house with non vegans
  • why I choose a vegan lifestyle
  • keeping a plant based focus to our meals
  • coordinating healthy meals with the crazy schedule of 4 kids who are equally sporty and musical

Micro Farmer

  • learning from my local organic farmers
  • growing what I love to eat
  • creating a landscape that look gorgeous and can feed my family
  • exploring the culinary aspects and possibilities of growing my own food
  • cooking with the seasons

Free Spirit

  • living in harmony 
  • seeing the Divine in everyone and every moment of each day as a practice
  • embracing the joy in each moment knowing that it will prepare me for the next
  • recognizing that this blog and podcast is a wonderful way for me to share my gift
  • not letting fear keep me from being love and light.

 Podcast Episodes

  1. 001: #veganRenee Radio Introduction to the podcast!
  2. 002: #veganRenee Radio Are you afraid to drink a green smoothie?
  3. 003:  #veganRenee Radio Why I’m a bad vegan and a bad Catholic!
  4. 004:  #veganRenee Radio “Mommy, Can I be vegan today?”





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