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Pomegranate Seeds 101

What is not to love about pomegranate seeds?

The color is beautiful–like gems.  They are sweet and crunchy at the same time . . . just like me!  Ok, I’ll be honest–I’m feeling a little goofy today.  

But Pomegranates are messy and stain! pom1

Well, yes, I guess it can be messy and it does stain–if you have the juice.  The actual seeds aren’t too bad.  I use pomegranate seeds in smoothies, on salads and I make a fantastic pomegranate salad dressing.  I typically buy them at the store just because the package costs the same as buying the pomegranate.  

Not this time

My store was out of stock but they did have pomegranates so . . . I bought one.  Then I thought of my readers, did they know how to de seed a pomegranate?  And now we are here!  (I think about you guys all the time as I’m spending time in my kitchen creating simple meals with just a touch of something new and fun–because breakfast, lunch and dinner can get sort of monotonous.)

Watch the video:

I learn by watching and think most people do–especially when it comes to cooking!  This is a quick video just 3 minutes.  Those of you who know me or have watched my vids before know that I get sidetracked easily.  This video I stayed on topic, was photo bombed by my 6-year-old while the 8-year-old was filming AND I had a guy cutting tile in my garage.  For the record, I did know the guy in my garage–it isn’t like I have random folks working in my garage.  (But if a random person wanted to come dust . . . ).







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Be Blessed.

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