Culinary Resume

I’ve been working in a “kitchen” for the last 45 years.  At first it was a chore, then a labor of love and now my kitchen is my sanctuary.

1969 – 1972: At age 3 – Mason Jar dishwasher for our Polish Community Harvest canning marathons.

1971 – 1984: Fruit Department –  I was responsible for strawberries, raspberries, blackberries, red currents, cherry trees, apple trees and grapes. I picked, pruned, sold, bartered, canned jams/jellies, and made lots of pies.

1978 – 1985:  Line cook – prepared 3 dinners per week, and assisted in the BIG Sunday feast.

1978 – 1985:  Cookie/Pie making apprentice.  My Mom was known for her cookies, and I was always by her side.

1978 – 1984:  Bread Maker.  I made 5 loaves of frozen bread dough each week.

1986 – 1993:  I started working in restaurants as a line cook.  I managed a family-style restaurant for several years, worked in/as delis, barista, sous chef, pastry chef, I was even “the salad girl” at the fanciest place in town and rolled sushi with Tamiko Cowen.

1990 – 1993:  Personal Chef and Caterer.

2001 – present:  Master Chef in Renee’s Kitchen. 

2012 – 2014:  PADS Meal Planning Coordinator –  planning meals to serve 50 homeless people on a weekly basis.

I have continually furthered my culinary education by taking classes in Texas, Illinois, California, and Michigan.

Currently, I specialize in cooking locally grown regional cuisine with a emphasis on a plant based menus.   I have never gone to culinary school, mothering school, or knitting school . . . I am proud to say I am self taught in everything that I have mastered.   I seek out new opportunities and experiences each day–it is hard to explain that on a resume!  I use the term chef loosely–it comes from the latin root caput meaning; leader, head, and teacher among other meanings.