What’s in my Fridge?

What’s in my fridge?

Dirt.  Like real dirt from the veggies.  Probably a rogue carrot that fell behind the crisper drawer.  A couple of times a year I clean everything out, check dates, clean the shelves and put back what I know I will use.  Then I vow to never again buy the Ginger/Soy/Pineapple Marinade that was horrible.  (Honestly, why do I keep buying stuff that I know won’t be nearly as good as my own ginger, soy, pineapple marinade?)

What’s REALLY in my fridge!

I am asked all.the.time. “what is in your fridge?”

Yes, dirt is always my first answer.  Apples is my second.  Did you know you can store apples in the fridge for something crazy like 6 months?  That is what the lady at the farmers market said!  We eat 5 pounds of apples a week–I keep them in the bottom drawer for lunches and snacking.  What else is in my fridge?

  • lots and lots of salad blends.  I buy what looks best–conventional or organic and hopefully it will be on sale.
  • romaine–the turtles love romaine and so do the kids.
  • greens–like spinach and kale
  • carrots–from my CSA, farmers market and the grocery store
  • cabbage–I store them in the fridge.  I still have two from my CSA in October.
  • celery
  • celery root (celeriac)
  • broccoli
  • peppers
  • lemons
  • limes

What do I make with all of that?

If you follow me on instagram or in the sidebar of this blog post, you can see lots and lots of:

  • stir fry with noodles and rice
  • mexican style foods–tacos, burritos, bowls
  • soups!!!  I love soup.
  • salads–leafy greens, cooked salads, slaws . . .
  • simple side dishes like vegan mashed potatoes, baked sweet potatoes

What’s on my counter?

You know I LOVE my onions.  I always have onions, garlic, ginger and bananas in a bowl on my counter.

  • onions
  • garlic
  • ginger
  • bananas

Eat and live with L.O.V.E.,

oxox  Renee

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Simply Amazing Vegan Brussels Sprouts

Who even eats Brussel Sprouts?bspanko

I don’t think that I have ever eaten a brussels sprout on purpose.  No lie.  We never grew them growing up.  I remember cooking them at Robby’s Ice House but the smell was enough to cure my curiosity on tasting them.  I was sure that anything that smelled that bad . . . I could live without eating.

Last Week Everything Changed 

I bought a salad mix.  On Instagram I posted a few of the salads kits I bought to try out different blends.  What I didn’t realize was the blend of fresh kale and fresh Brussels sprouts would be a prepared mix.  It was awful.  Since I post my successes and my failures, one of my oldest friends Dana, said she loved them.  That made me think–why does she love them and I hate them.

Trying Something New!

I decided to try my hand at roasting them.  I genuinely love to roast veggies (and I’m kind of good at it) my thinking was I would try making them two different ways.  One was simple roasting with sea salt.  The other was sea salt, pepper AND panko break crumbs.  I cooked 1/2 pound one way and 1/2 the other.  

Something amazing happened

They were awesome.  I nibbled on them all day, my homeschooled kids nibbled on them and when my away school kids came home–the pan was empty.  They passed the kid test.  Not one grain of salt was left on the plate.

Go Ahead, You do it!


Vegan?  Really?

I feel the need to say this is a vegan recipe–you could add parmesan cheese, bacon bits, coat them in an egg wash and bread them . . . but I think vegan, simple is best for me.  (But if I had to get my husband to eat them–I would need to add the bacon bits and the parmesan cheese.)  

Go out now and buy a bag of BS and cook them up.  Let me know how it works for you.

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