The Vegan and the Easter Egg

Happy Monday!

Today I’m at Marriage, Motherhood and Missions as a contributor.  I typically share a recipe that I make for my family . . . but not this time.  I mean it started out that way but it all went wrong once I started the “project”.  I tried to use natural dyes on eggs.  It was a disaster–so of course I documented the entire FAIL in pictures!  You can read about it here.


As a vegan–I don’t eat animal flesh, dairy products or eggs.  I feel the need to say this because this past weekend my husband and I attended a function that had cute little finger foods!  I was offered little tuna sandwiches in these tiny little bread bowl things.  (I’m sure there is a fancy name for them but . . . I’m not fancy and can’t spell so . . . insert fancy correctly spelled word here! )  I politely declined, saying “I don’t eat meat”.  Then I was asked, “Do you not eat fish?” I had to think fast–usually I don’t really defend my eating habits–because I’m the one always doing the cooking!  

I’m a Vegan!

The words jumped out of my mouth.  It isn’t like I haven’t said it before but not in public and not at a function where I would be asked over and over again to try the quiche, mini turkey croissants, roast beef roll ups and chicken wraps.  I explained that fish is meat.  I politely offered that if something has a mother or eyes–I won’t eat it.   I choose not to eat it.  I didn’t want to come across like I’m something I’m not–I reserve the right to eat bacon or have a pint of Ben and Jerry’s!  I will probably have a Boston Cooler this summer . . . my reasons for being a vegan . . . I’ll write about it another time.

What was really funny is that they looked at my husband asking “but you eat meat don’t you?!?”  Sort of made me feel like if he ate meat then . . . it would cancel out my not eating meat.  Then, sounding slightly alarmed, the second question was “but your kids eat meat don’t they?!?”  Hubs informed him that he does eat meat when he buys his lunch at work (they have a wonderful cafeteria), he doesn’t miss eating meat at home because I’m such a awesome chef and finally he said the kids can choose to eat meat or not.  

I am sort of surprised no one ever asks me why.  The conversation never goes past the shock that I don’t eat meat.  I am curious if this will ever change.  To be honest, I don’t mind not going deeper–I’m still working out the details on why at this point in my life I am consumed with compassion.  I thought it was menopause . . . now I’m not sure.

Don’t forget to check out my Easter Egg fail post at MMM!



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