My Vegan Lunch recipe (mushroom, polenta, kale)

Lunch this week

Earlier this week I made a video on how to prep kale.  I started  eating kale last summer when it came in my CSA box and to be honest . . . it took me a while to embrace the flavor and texture.  I know that it is so healthy for me to eat but still . . . 

vegan lunch

Do you have trouble eating things that are good for you?  I do.  Even as a Vegan . . . potato chips are vegan.  No matter what “diet” I’ve ever tried–I could always find a way to “cheat”.  But now that I have eliminated animal products, milk and eggs–I feel better and have more energy.  It has been a mental shift from meat-vegetarian-vegan and it has been a physical shift as well.  It works for me.  It doesn’t work for my husband (yet ;-)).  I honor and respect each individuals way of eating within my family and outside of my family.  Whoa, I started to ramble!

Be Blessed as you make food decisions that make your heart sing and your soul dance!

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