potato soup (blab)

Vegan Potato Soup Cooking Show on Blab

Vegan Potato Soup

I make the most amazing vegan potato soup ever!  I just do.  In my younger days as a deli goddess, this soup was a huge hit!  What I noticed was if I didn’t add meat, it was still a hit.  What I also noticed is that my profit margin was greater without the additional cost of meat.  Win-Win.  In my own home this soup has evolved from making homemade stock with a ham bone to the version you see on the video below.

potato soup (blab)

Print the Recipe

For the recipe you can print the recipe, show notes and random information that was in my head as I put together this video. Download the potato soup PDF here!Potato Soup

 In this show . . .

I really make two different soups.  The first soup is my soup–I love potato soup with celeriac or celery root.  The second soup is almost the same but it has chunks of carrots and celery vs. the celery root–the flavor is a little more intense with the celery root.  The other small difference is my soup has more garlic :-)!

Cooking Show on Blab

Is eating farm to table, seasonal and sustainable is your “thing”?

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Plant Based Nutrition Tips

  • This recipe lends itself to switching out peppers for yellow and green zucchini.
  • Adding brown rice adds a hearty touch to this recipe.
  • Try roasting the carrots instead of sautéing them.
  • Switch out leeks for the onions.
  • Top with mango salsa.

Be Blessed as you eat and live with L.O.V.E.

oxox, Renee

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