Vegan Taco Night!

Vegan Taco Night

We have had taco night once a week since . . . a long time.  Actually it started as a “mexican night” and we would have quesadilla, tortilla soup, this awesome chilequeleas dinner–so yummy.  When I lived in Texas for two years our local Whole Foods had cooking classes and demonstrations a few times a month and I rarely missed one.  I learned how to make authentic regional food–it was way too cool and so yummy.  More often than not it was just a few of us in the class so I could ask lots and lots of questions.  It was like having my own private cooking instructor.

As the kids grew, so did their desire to try new things–taco night is the perfect way to try new things.  Sprinkle in the new with the familiar.


How to Cut an Avocado

In this youtube video I show you how-to:

  • pick out the best avocado
  • cut an avocado
  • make some amazing guacamole
  • the best cooking tip EVER!!

Check it out here!

Watch the Show

On this show we do the best job (since starting our blab cooking shows) of staying on topic!


 Plant Based Nutrition Recommendations

  • make fun fresh salsas out of apples, pineapple, heirloom tomatoes, or jicama
  • try a taco salad for lunch–and the heaviest ingredients on the bottom and the lettuce on tip
  • play around with different faux meats OR just use a variety of beans
  • get the kids involved in cutting, mixing, making the dinner
  • have a build your own taco bar
  • use the leftovers to make enchiladas (freezable meal)

Is eating farm to table, seasonal and sustainable your “thing”?

You can find me in the studio, my kitchen or online here :





Renee’s Kitchen You Tube Channel
Be Blessed as you eat and cook with L.O.V.E.

oxox, Renee

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