I am so excited that you are joining the

Renee’s Kitchen Birthday Bash Celebration!

Let’s Party

This party has a twist!  I am giving out the gifts!  

I am hand picking AND hand making many of the gifts that you will be in a drawing to receive.  All of the gifts are insanely practical if you love food!  I have purchased some hip measuring spoons, a few cookbooks and as beautiful set of napkins.  Are you ready?

The Dealio

The goal of this month is to reach as many people as I can to share my L.O.V.E. (local.organic.veggies.everyday)  Sound crazy?  Maybe.  But I know with an amazing people like you supporting me–we can totally ROCK this!  

I will be sending out a few emails a week with a goal to reach, a recipe to share, food information that the world needs to hear.  I would love it if you helped me create food awareness.

Each time you share on FB, like on Instagram, Pin on Pinterest, G+ me in an article let me know.  I’m keeping track of everyone via email.  Please send one email a day with who you have shared.  I would also like a @reneebaude on Twitter and IG so that I can retweet and spread the message further!  or #reneebaude  My email is renee@reneebaude.com.

Thank You

I want to thank you so much for taking some extra time this month to help me share the L.O.V.E. Let’s spread the word about how much we love plants, how easy they are to cook and how amazing we feel when we eat them.

Eat Meat?

You know what? I don’t even care if you eat meat. If that’s your bag baby then eat meat. I’m not here to tell you that you should or shouldn’t–I’m just hear to tell you about “The Joy of Plants.”

Let’s Meet!

I can’t wait to meet you. Introduce yourself. Like the Renee’s Kitchen Facebook Page, follow me on Instagram or twitter and let’s get this party started!  I would love it if we could all follow each other on SM–let’s make that happen!  So much to do this month!

Be Blessed.

Eat with L.O.V.E.


P.S. I’m just wondering if anyone is going to ask how old I am?

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