Back To Basics

Cooking is not complicated. Creating a wonderful meal out of a few ingredients is simple. Let’s take bread as an example – flour, water, yeast and time. Mix it, wait, bake it.  Back to basics.

When we cook we embrace the possibility that we can create something out of very few ingredients that tastes awesome. Fresh bread is amazing. Fresh strawberries are incredible. Sliced tomatoes with olive oil and basil is phenomenal.

My approach to food is simple. I use as much locally-grown food as I can, often from farmers I know. I strive to buy organic produce. I believe that a plant-based diet is a healthy approach to eating, and I love the versatility of plants and fruits. My recipes reflect this simple approach.

Here you will find a collection of recipes that fall into four basic categories – Put it in a Bowl (soups), Eat it with a Fork (entrees), Eat it Raw (salads, fruits), On the Side (side dishes).

Put It In A Bowl

I love soup. I love ice cream. I love a big bowl of pasta. I love my collection of bowls! No kidding. I have short bowls, low flat bowls, deep bowls, and tons of serving bowls. There is something very nurturing about wrapping your hands around a warm bowl of soup on a cold day.

I also love bowls to feed my kids. On a plate, food always seems to slide off, but in a bowl they can catch it before it escapes.

This section features a collection of recipes sure to fill your bowl, your soul and your belly.

Eat It Raw

Salad itself is simple – put greens in a bowl, top with dressing, and eat. Simple can easily become boring if you don’t mix up the options a bit. I don’t like boring! We have so many greens available to us,  compared to the days when I was a kid and we only had iceberg lettuce or canned spinach with vinegar. Can you imagine?

For simplicity, I suggest a mixed green salad as the base. This will also maximize your nutrients with all the wonderful shades of green and purple – now THAT is fun! Once you have a base for the salad, then you can start adding in more raw ingredients.

This collection of recipes will feature salads with fresh fruits, various nuts and raw veggies – some include feta, fresh mozzarella balls or parmesan cheese for my non-vegan friends.

On The Side

I love my vegetables! Grilled, roasted, sauteed, alone or in a medley of veggie friends – they are all exciting to me. I eat them alone, tossed with pasta, or over rice with a touch of curry sauce. I am really amazed at the colors and textures, both inside and outside of vegetables. I also add lots of extras in like roasted pine nuts or pineapple. The more fun you make your veggies, the more exciting it is to eat them.

This collection of recipes features veggie dishes and other sides that can be paired with an entree or eaten as the entree.

Eat It With A Fork

Being 98% vegan, I do indulge in meaty dishes every so often, but my family isn’t vegan. When I do prepare dishes that include meat they are still simple and fun. I buy most of our meat from a local farmer, and the taste is phenomenal. Indulging in quality meat from a sustainable farm is a culinary delight!

This collection of recipes will include entrees, with both vegan and meaty options sure to please the whole family.