Kitchen Tools

I’m not really a gadget girl–like those egg cutters and fancy timers. I love my measuring spoons that I inherited from my husband’s Grandmother–I think of her EVERY time I use them and wonder what she cooked using them. I can’t live without my slow cooker and my rice maker – they make my life easier! I’m also obsessed with wooden spoons. After cooking for others for 20 years, I’ve spent the last 14 years finding my own culinary groove and figuring out what tools work best for me.

Kitchen Pantry

My pantry is a special place that holds the secrets to my meals. I love curry flavors, different pepper blends, and have a wide selection of oils and vinegars. For me, creating a salad dressing from scratch is a fun challenge! It doesn’t bother me that I may make a meal only once and never make it again. There is something magical about making something only once! This is a list of items that I use often in my kitchen.


Instagram is my vegan food journal.   Renee posts photos of the food that I eat, 15 second videos and lots and lots of interesting vegan food products.

I’ll be honest my instagram is a resource for myself too!  I often will forget a certain combination of pomegranate, pistachios, and cucumber salad.


I create dinners on the fly.  It’s always changing, always interesting and usually yummy.


If it turns out yucky–I tell you that too!  I’m really honest with what works and what doesn’t.

Go–right now and follow me! #veganRenee


Let me just say . . . my entire production crew for my videos are under 11 years old!  My videos are very homemade just like everything else in my kitchen.  I’m a real mom, in a real kitchen, cooking real food!  Most of which is grown within a few miles from my home!

If you have ever wondered:

  1. how to cut a pineapple
  2. prepare kale
  3. cut a watermelon in 30 seconds
  4. make amazing red sauce or
  5. create a insanely simple soup for the crock pot?

Go to my you tube channel to find all of my videos.

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