Eating Healthy 101: how to buy,

clean, cut/prep and cook

fresh fruits and veggies, with NO waste!


I totally get it!  I walk into the grocery store produce section–I’m completely overwhelmed by the colors, textures and amount of food and I push my cart away.  I stick with easy: apples, bananas, oranges, romaine lettuce and strawberries.  


What changed for me?

I became intentional with my decision to be healthy.  My only goal is to eat food that will nourish my body.  When I shifted my mindset to be vitality above any other reason, it became incredibly easy to drink the green smoothie and skip the steak.

Before kids I loved going to the Farmers’s Market in Ann Arbor, MI and buying from my high school friend and farmer, Bill West.  Those days seemed long gone until I took my first step by going to farmers markets again.  For some reason being in the open and talking to the farmers about the veggies made everything more manageable.  

Secondly, I joined a CSA that delivers to my house!  They have a great website that offers suggestions on how to prep the food and how to cook it.  

The last step was creating time in my schedule to clean, cut and cook all my wonderful life giving veggies.   


My readers, friends, people in church, random people in the grocery store . . . they all ask me questions about food.  They ask GREAT questions and more often than not I blog about it.  Here are some of the most common questions asked.

The Most Watched Video on Renee’s Kitchen

In this video I cut a watermelon in less than a minute!  Really.  My son had a few friends over for dinner the other night and I said “oh crap, I forgot to cut the watermelon!” they all laughed at me.  I pulled the chilled watermelon out of the fridge and started slicing!  They were very impressed!  One boy said . . . “Wow Mrs. Baude you cut that in, like, you know, less than a minute!”  So cute!  See how I do it here!  (in this video my 6 year old son is not only the camera boy but the director/producer as well!)


How do I cut a pineapple?

In this quick video I show you how to cut a pineapple AND make a quick dinner.  This dinner is also in my free e-book–sign up below to instantly get your copy.  It is a favorite of my kids and me!  Why?  I can make this dinner vegan in a heartbeat!  Take a look:  how to cut a pineapple video.  (and if you want more info about the nutrition of pineapples, go here.)

How to prep Kale

I’m new to kale.  I’ll admit it.  To be a “good vegan” I have been told I need to like kale.  Ugghh.  Just like I’m not a “good Catholic”, I’m not a “good vegan” either!  But you know what?  I was talking with some skinny mini health nut types and they never cook kale! I was shocked.  How could they talk about how much they love kale when they can’t even cook it?  So I made this video for them.  They thanked me for it.  (I asked permission to call them skinny mini’s and they were ok with that!)  This video is on the long, information, and gives a great recipe!  

Swiss Chard

Ok–let me just say that I get super excited about veggies and in this video . . . I suggest making a dress out of Swiss Chard.  I know, I know–I let the real Renee shine through in this video!  For me Swiss Chard is just gorgeous to look at.  The leaves are big, brightly colored and have an incredible texture.  I use it in soups, stir fry and I add it to my daily green smoothie.  Go here for the video!


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