The best Garlic Recipe ever! Mojo de Ajo

The Best Most Versatile Garlic Recipe EVER!

My husband and I love really great authentic mexican food.  It all started when we moved to Texas.  

garlic day

In Michigan, where I grew up, the selection of fruits and vegetables were limited and we certainly didn’t have cactus leaves or cow heads in the grocery store!  Yes, the first time I saw frozen cow heads I screamed!  

Not just a little gasp . . . I screamed AND ran!  The staff had a huge laugh about a “gringo” shopping in their store–but were always very helpful despite my broken Spanish.  

Mexican Cooking Classes 

Very close to our home was a Whole Foods store that had cooking classes each week.  I never intended to go to any of these classes but one night . . . I stopped to watch the demonstration.  It was fascinating.  The Whole Foods Chef made cooking authentic Mexican food seem easy . . . and it was–IF you had the correct ingredients.  My best friend and co-worker Paula took me to stores that I would have never ventured into by myself.  With her help I bought lime presses, a tortilla press, a terra cotta tortilla warmer and lots and lots of candles that had Jesus, Mary and almost every saint I could think of.  For two years I went every couple of weeks to the Whole Foods to learn more and more.

I highly recommend taking free cooking classes or demonstrations–it is a great way to learn something new without a huge time or money investment.  



[yumprint-recipe id='10']mojo


I love this flavored oil.  I use a little with pasta and veggies or with rice and more lime (I love limes!).  My husband cooks up a batch once a month for me and I feel blessed each time I use it.  It is like his gift to me.  Awwwwwhhh.  (Garlic is my love language!)

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Be Blessed.



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6 replies
    • Renee
      Renee says:

      I am a huge fan of Rick Bayless–I did a short video of how I almost had a heart attack when I called Frontera company and he answered the phone–no him but his voice on the answering machine.

      Anyway, this is a recipe that he had on the show. It was on the website but the website has been been 401’d lately so . . . I’m happy to share it.

      Be Blessed.

    • Renee
      Renee says:

      I have kept it a month–and it was fine–typically I use it up in 2 weeks . . . but one jar was lost in the fridge. That happens at my house–the fridge is a strange place for food hide and seek.

      Be Blessed.


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