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I’m a Spicy Vegan!

Spicy Goodness!

I have tons and tons of spices.  I recently had the opportunity to go to Whole Foods.  When we lived in Ann Arbor–I had two!  two! that I passed by each day.  Now–going to Whole Foods is very much a plan ahead–not only is it far away but I take the opportunity to stock up on my favorites like this soup base.  Sorry for the rant . . . I still miss home!

CRAVINGSchipolte dip close up

As a vegan I still have cravings.  Crunchy, salty and creamy are my dietary Achilles heel!  Yes, I believe that my mother must have dipped me in a vat of chip dip when I was a small child.  I love chips and dip.  Chips and guacamole.  

I developed this recipe to cure my cravings AND keep me true to the desire to eat without harm.  This recipe does both!

Sweet Potato Chips

I found these yummy sweet potato chips at Target.  I know, I know.  I never, ever thought that Target would be my go to place for food.  (As I write this I’m actually back home in Ann Arbor!  soaking up all the culinary delights!  These chips aren’t exactly health food but they do have a lot of vitamin A!  

 dip on tray

[yumprint-recipe id='13'] Are you going to make this?  If you do–send me a photo and I’ll add it onto my Pinterest page or send me a link!  I want Renee’s Kitchen to be an incredible resource for plant-based meals!





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