How-To Cut a Pineapple Video (and a quick dinner)


Ok, so pineapple is not very local in Illinois.  There I’ve said it!  I have a goal in my mind of wanting to eat local, organic, veggies, everyday BUT somedays I end up eating something that is grown a million miles away.  I’m still trying to reconcile the veganomics of the food I eat.  

How to Cut up a pineapple

I love pineapple but they are sort of a sticky mess to cut up.  I could buy one precut but then I start to think about all the things that could have touched my pineapple . . . then I get grossed out.  So I buy a whole one and cut it myself.  

My family runs hot and cold on food {does your family like something one day an not the next?}–one day it will be the favorite food and the next time I make it . . . not so much.  We buy about 1 or 2 pineapples a month–my kids go “on” and “off” fruits and veggies, so I always ask before I buy one.  This saves me from being crabby about what they will or won’t eat.  (although now that I have a juicer, I’m way less crabby because I know I can juice the “off” food.)

The How-to Cut up a Pineapple Video!

In this video I cut a pineapple AND show you how I make a very quick meal of rice, broccoli, store-bought chicken meatballs and of course pineapple!  This entire meal is ready to go in the time it takes for the rice cooker to finish.  It would take even less time if you had the pineapple cut up ahead of time and prepped the broccoli.  

Vegan Tip:  leave out the chicken meatballs and add black beans.

Pineapple is also on the Clean 15 list--go check it out!

pineapple is a symbol of hospitality

pineapple is a symbol of hospitality

Be Blessed.




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