Vegan Crockpot Sweet Potatoes

I love sweet potatoes!  

I love the color–I painted my previous kitchen the color of sweet potatoes–a rich, warm, earthy tone.  I love how the plant grows into a flowing vine.  I’ve written about growing sweet potatoes.  I love the texture and versitility, here is my awesome sweet potato muffin recipe!  (you can usually substitute sweet potato in a recipe that calls for pumpkin–a healthy switch.)


Crock Pot, Bake, Roast 

This particular recipe I used the crockpot primarily because it didn’t matter how much the sweet potatoes cooked and I needed the oven for other baking.  If they were undercooked I could add more time and if they were a little mushy than I had less to do when I mashed them.  How I cook the sweet potatoes depends on how I want to serve them:

Roasted:  for my incredible roasted sweet potato summer salad!  I took pictures and put it on Instagram and it is on my FB Renee’s Kitchen Page.  (I post my life in food . . . )

Baked:  I bake my sweet potatoes wit the skin on then I usually stuff them.  This is a fun recipe/video that shows how I did it.

Boiled:  my least favorite way to cook but it is quick.  In my opinion when I boil sweet potatoes the depth of the flavor is lost. 

 Nutrition InfoIMG_3595

I searched the web and found this great website for nutritional values.  Here is the sweet potato nutritional information.  What I really like about this site is the visuals–I can see at a glance a wide variety of values.



[yumprint-recipe id='11'] 


We eat sweet potatoes just as a side dish.  But you could:IMG_3593

  • add a little broth to make a sauce
  • add beans and make potato pancakes
  • use for ravioli filling
  • layer with regular mashed potatoes–it looks really pretty in a glass pan
  • thicken red sauce or chili
  • use as a dip with pita chips

11 more ideas!

Check out this post on 11 ways to prepare sweet potatoes!  

An old wives tale is that sweet potatoes increase fertility . . .

you do with that info what you want!  (and that is eating the sweet potatoes not wearing them or rubbing mashes sweet potatoes on your body . . . although they are so high in Vitamin A–it might make your skin look great.)

Be Blessed.IMG_3596



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