roasted carrots

Winter Veggies!

Winter Veggies are my Rave Fave!

I love root vegetables and the fall harvest is full of beets, parsnips, fennel, onions, garlic, turnips and what else?  I’m sure I’m missing something!

Second Rave Fave?  Guesses?

Apples!  We eat several apples a day in our house.  I never liked apples as a kid and most of my adult life–then a few years ago I started juicing a blend of apples, carrots, lemon and ginger.  I love that combination.  It seemed like overnight I looked years younger and felt amazing.  I don’t juice as frequently now but I do have a portion of an apple each day–usually as I’m cutting them up for kids lunches.  I get these huge honkin’ apples from Farmer’s Market–eating an entire apple would be a meal, they are seriously huge.  In a house with many different ideas on what tastes “good” Honeycrisp are our favorite followed by Mutso apples.  Everyone agrees on apples!  I like  apples because they are sweet, crunch and salty when I dip them in peanut butter.  My perfect food (sweet, crunchy, salty).


When I was offered a bushel of apples from a friend I jumped at the opportunity to make a huge batch of apple sauce–but you don’t need a bushel–you can make just enough for dinner!  or your kids lunch.  I shared my Aunt Clara’s recipe on my very first blog (In Everything Give Thanks) but you can find it here.  It is so easy to make without all the extra junk in it.  (My crockpot is as old as the hills and it works perfectly–you can pick up a crockpot at GoodWill for a few bucks making slow cooking real food simple.  No excuses.)


How to Roast Veggies?

Preheat oven to 400-450 degrees.  Then you have two options:

  1. place a little oil on a roasting pan, place all veggies on the pan and start checking to see what it finished cooking every 15 minutes  OR
  2. put each different vegetable in it’s own “pan” made out of foil.  Then when that veggie is finished cooking take it out and the other can take their time roasting.
  3. you can add spices to the roasted veggies . . . makes the house smell amazing.
  4. this is the key to my awesome soups–roasted veggies.

Be Blessed as we eat and live with love, gratitude and compassion.

One last thing

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