Looks ARE Everything

Looks ARE Everything

It’s not only true about book covers and first impressions BUT food as well.

World Record Holder for Peanut Butter Sandwiches

Well, this might be unofficial, but I am fairly certain that I have made more than the average number of peanut butter sandwiches in my life!  (and I have a good 40 more years of churning out peanut butter sammies for my kids, grand kids and their kids!)  I have two kids who have at least one PB Sammie a day–quick math, that is 730 a year not including the snacks of “fold overs” or warm, toasted English muffins with oozing peanut butter!  

I make Boring look Amazing

Part of my job as a Vegan Mom is creating a beautiful plate of veggies and fruits arranged among favorite foods.  I make food look fancy.  When food looks fancy . . . you can’t help but eat it!  This is an example of a typical PJ Sammie being transformed by my culinary artistry.  

Food as Art

Take some time and make the boring look fantastic!  Real foods have more colors and textures than you can imagine.  Use that to your advantage–slice and dice in a new way to create beauty–not just dinner.

Think of your kitchen as a food art studio . . . 

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