chocolate chip muffin

Muffins! 1 mix-4 happy kids

Muffins for Breakfast!

 I want to make all my kids happy at once–making muffins is not the best way!  One likes the strudel topping, one kid doesn’t, one kid likes the blueberries in the mix, one kid wants chocolate chips!  What’s a mom to do?

One mix–4 different muffins!

I use Simply Mornings from Duncan Hines.  I’m not married to the brand, it is what I can find at my Target (sometimes).  (I live in a food desert.)  What I like is the “natural” ingredients–I can pronounce almost everything.  

Keep in mind–this is NOT health food.  It is basically a donut.  But it does have several redeeming qualities!

  • no milk!  If you don’t know why I don’t like milk–read about it here.
  • makes everyone happy
  • makes the house smell awesome!  I could buy muffins but waking up to the smell of warm, chocolate and blueberry-ness is a wonderful thing.
  • gets the kids thinking about breakfast in a new way–not the same bowl of cereal.
  • lets the kids know that I try to make them all happy (points in the mommy bank!)
  • they get to see how creative I can be with one box of muffin mix.  I want to model creativity, DIY, frugalness and playfulness.  


chocolate chip muffin



























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Be Blessed as you eat and live with L.O.V.E.




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