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5 Lunch Box L.O.V.E. Notes #5

This weeks lunch box L.O.V.E. Notes!

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Week 5

Shizzle Drizzle!  You know what I did?  Forgot to send a note on Friday!  My husband came home from a business trip to Germany a day early, I was up late helping one kid study for a spelling test–which is completely laughable because I am the WORST speller imaginable.  What else?  Oh, a week of not going to the gym made me have Charlie Horses all night long.  I slept horribly . . . it was a very bad morning.  

The lunchI packed for the girls was great–leftover stir fry veggies and stir fry rice!  Absolutely yummy.   

Did I mention that it was raining and it was garbage day–a day late because of Labor Day.  Honestly, it was the perfect storm for crazy to happen.  

As my beautiful girls got into the car . . . it hit me.  Oh SHIZZLE!  I forgot their love notes.  Tears fill my eyes as I yell, “I love you!  I forgot your love notes!  will you know I love you?”  Golly.  Can I drip and gush more love than that?   I’m that mom!  The mom that loves up her kids not matter where we are or who we are with (I am learning boundaries . . . slowly). 

They were ok with it.  

Pray @ 11!

Next Monday

I’m going out of town with one kid on Saturday, coming home on Monday.  Can you guess what I did?

Yup!  I wrote their lunch box notes out for Monday and Tuesday.  I’m so ready!  This weeks love notes will be something along these lines:

  • Don’t give up!  (we are still dealing with new school qualms and new glasses!)
  • I am patient or be patient.  (both sound similar but one statement comes from the kid and the other from you.)
  • I will finish my best work.  (this is a loaded one!  I often say “you can finish your work, giving it your all!)
  • I am confident.  (who doesn’t need that?)
  • I will be thoughtful and kind today.

I met several other 6th graders today in my daughters class.  They all like the love notes!  That was really big for me!  I’m so glad that me affirming my kid–giving her tools to manage her day, can help other kids too!  I love this idea, I had no idea it would touch other kids as much as it touches mine.  What an honor and a blessing to be able to make a difference in a kids life.  I’m doing a happy dance!

What’s for lunch?

Wondering what to pack for lunch?  Well . . . I’ve been posting the kids lunches on Instagram.  I shoot for healthy but it’s also very real!

Come Back Each Week!

I will post 5 new love notes each week!  AND a little bit of conscious parenting ideas!

Follow Me On Instagram!

I post daily on instagram.

Need Help packing lunches?

No worries–I am going to post the lunches that I make on Instagram and create a Periscope video (@reneebaude)!  My goal is to help moms create healthy lunches THAT KIDS WILL EAT!  It won’t take long and it isn’t expensive!  I promise.

Be Blessed as you eat and live with L.O.V.E.!

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