#1 Vegan Smoothie and a secret that I’m keeping from my dentist

Do you love chocolate? powdered pb

I can take it or leave it.  In the summer time, I do love frozen chocolate (Dr. Collins doesn’t read my blog so I’m safe in sharing this secret–I promised him that I wouldn’t eat frozen chocolate anymore.  He did an awesome job at fixing my tooth).  When I was a little girl my mom would put snickers bars in the freezer so they wouldn’t melt in the cabin–no AC (just hot knotty pine).  After a long day on the boat/beach/fishing–I loved coming into the cabin and eating a frozen snickers.  Frozen chocolate was the end to a perfect summer day.  Now, I love frozen peppermint patties!  

Powdered Peanut Butter? 

What the haywire?  Have you ever heard of such a thing?  I didn’t.  So . . . when I was at Target shopping (because I’m always at Target!) I found this product.  I had to try it!

I instagramed it right away I was so excited.

I use instagram as primarily my vegan/plant based food diary so if you are interested in eating a plant based diet–you may want to follow me here.

Great minds think alike.

The Kitchn is a website that I go to for inspiration.  I was amazed when they posted the powdered protein post on the same day that I bought it.  They show pictures of how it looks when it is reconstituted with water.  The Kitchn has a great review, check out that post is you are interested in learning about using the powder as peanut butter.

My Big Idea!elvis love

If you keep up with the blog you know that I have these BIG ideas.  Everything from making quilts for all the kids to knitting myself a skirt.  (I’m leaving out the idea about having a farm animal sanctuary.) I admit that my excitement begins lots of projects that never get finished.  A character flaw but I’m growing into my own as I get older.  I am multi-passionate . . .   

My big idea is to create a Vegan smoothie that tastes amazing and everyone will eat–so delicious that the “vegan” part won’t even matter.  This time I think I’ve done it!  The only change I would make to this simple recipe would be to add chocolate chips.  Or a bit of leftover coffee.  or hemp seeds if I’m making it for Dana :-)

The Recipe

How simple is this?  You could add ice chips or frozen bananas if you wanted a thicker/frothy drink.  I will say that this was surprisingly filling.  The idea of being a vegan hack is very fun for me, making plant based food fun, easy and delicious is my goal.  My intention was to the powdered peanut butter in smoothies.  I never planned to use it for sandwiches (unless I really needed too).  


Since everyone always worries about my kids and I getting enough protein, I want everyone to rest easy!  This recipe has 6 grams of protein!  


Go out right now and make up some awesome PB and B/dark chocolate almond milk smoothie.  Ok, we need a shorter name!

Leave a note in the comments for a name!

I’ll post the winner on Twitter and Facebook!

Be Blessed.  Nourish your family with L.O.V.E.,




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