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Chatting with Vegetarian Zen on Blab

 Chatting with Vegetarian Zen on Blab

What a wonderful time chatting with Larrisa and Vicki from VZ.

We talked about:

  • what being vegetarian zen means
  • how we became to eat more plants
  • movies that were pivotal in moving us forward
  • our struggle with weight gain
  • the journey . . .
  • trying new foods
  • their blog, my blog, their successful podcast my unsuccessful podcast–the wisdom of understanding what make our souls sing!



Finding Vegetarian Zen

veg zen






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1 reply
  1. Larissa Galenes
    Larissa Galenes says:

    Hi Renee!

    We had a GREAT time chatting with you on Blab! Love your enthusiasm and all of your great ideas. Thanks so much for having us, and for sharing our info on your website. We’re looking forward to hooking up again soon. Have a wonderful week, friend!

    Peace & Veggies,



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