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5 Lunch Box L.O.V.E. Notes #1

Love Notes

Who doesn’t like to get a little love note?

love note

A long time ago I read about Love Languages and even wrote a post or two about them.  The idea resonated with me–we all have our own love language, something that makes our heart sing.  Each of my 4 kids has a different love language AND they change over time (sometimes hourly!).  Love notes in a lunch box are a the “words of affirmation” love language.


5 Love Notes to get you started

I was going to make a fancy PDF for you to print out but then . . . that just isn’t my style.  I’m not a print it out, cut it up and then put it in my kids lunch box!  

But what I do like to do is make my love notes all at once, put them near the lunch making supplies so they will be ready to go!  Of course, if the kids have a test that day I’ll add a note that reads–good luck on your test or something more specific like–don’t forget 6 x8 =48!  Or if they have a spelling work they just can’t get–I’ll make silly sentences that use that word.  Simple.  Heartfelt.  Intentional.  

  1. Have a great first day of school!  (then I add lots of hearts and crazy loops.)
  2. You have a great smile–use it today!
  3. I have something special for you when you come home!  
  4. You are awesome.
  5. Do you feel loved?  You should.  I love you tons!








Teenagers and High Schoolers

I have been blessed by the opportunity to homeschool all of my kids at some point in their education.  I know my kids will agree with me when I say, homeschooling has given us the ability to connect with each other in a very special way.  The bonds that we created have truly been everlasting.  

My son and I share some great memories and seek out new memories together.  For example this summer we took a 6 mile kayak trip on Lake Superior and have planned “one” of our next adventures for the coming year–kayaking to the island and spending the night.  (I hope I don’t chicken out!)  You get the idea.  Creating a relationship based on unconditional love takes time.  What you give is what you get.

What’s that have to do with lunch box love notes?

I want my son to just know how much I love him.  Silently.  I will add chocolate chips to the nuts in his lunch–no big deal, but I’ll tell him when you see chocolate chips–I want you to know how much I love you!  Chocolate chips= I love you.  At the moment I’m looking for a little photo of a kayak . . . it doesn’t need to be huge–just something that speaks to both of you.

Come Back Each Week!

I will post 5 new love notes each week!  

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Need Help packing lunches?

No worries–I am going to post the lunches that I make on Instagram and create a Periscope video!   I will also have a weekly round up of the lunches here on the website!  My goal is to help moms create healthy lunches THAT KIDS WILL EAT!  It won’t take long and it isn’t expensive!  I promise.

Be Blessed as you eat and live with L.O.V.E.!supplies

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