ginger video

Peeling Ginger? A Spoon will Do!

This is what I found out this week!

ginger video

People love ginger!  In my travels this week (really just at Target and dropping and picking the kids up from soccer–my world is kind of small) I had two conversations about ginger!  During the week that I am writing about ginger!  

When I asked about how these two women–both moms use ginger . . . they said they didn’t.  They LOVE ginger TOO but have no idea how to cook with it!  I told them I can fix that!  So . . . I created this 3 minute video to show how easy it is to peel ginger.

Good Luck!  If you need ideas on how to use ginger–come here!

 I am so proud of myself for keeping this video under 5 minutes!  Way under!  

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3 replies
  1. Kirsten McCulloch
    Kirsten McCulloch says:

    I love your videos Renee :) Should have watched this one earlier cause I just had a green smoothy (well, red actually – the beetroot overwhelmed everything!) with ginger in it, but I wasted a lot of it peeling it with a potato peeler. I love that I can set me kids to peeling it with a spoon from now on! :)

    • Renee
      Renee says:

      When I juice–I don’t even peel the ginger. If I blend then I will peel it. Ginger is just so awesome!

      Be Blessed.


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