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5 Lunch Box L.O.V.E. Notes #7

This weeks lunch box L.O.V.E. Notes!

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The theme this week is beginning to plant the seeds of compassion.  We all need reminders to live in a way that is . . . “gentle, loving, kind and respectful.”  These love notes are a great “seeds” to plant.  As a parent/human being I’m not always kind, caring, truthful, gentle or helpful–as I write out these love notes it is a reminder for me just as much as it is for my kids.

Eat and Live with L.O.V.E., compassion and gratitude

Renee’s Kitchen is the starting point for my mindfulness approach to life.  My goal is to be as close to the earth as I can by doing my part one change at a time.  The love notes are often a starting point.  (because I need all the help I can get!)

  1. I am gentle in my words and actions.
  2. I am caring.
  3. I tell the truth.
  4. I am kind to classmates.
  5. I help my teacher.


What’s for lunch?

Wondering what to pack for lunch?  Well . . . I’ve been posting the kids lunches on Instagram.  I shoot for healthy but it’s also very real!

Come Back Each Week AND SHARE!

What kid doesn’t want to get a love note in his/her lunch box?  The kids absolutely love them.  I will post 5 new love notes each week!  AND a little bit of conscious parenting ideas!

Follow Me On Instagram!

I post daily on instagram.  Simple heathy food, mindful moments, and what’s going on as a vegan Mom with 4 busy kids 8-14  years old.

Need Help packing lunches?

No worries–I am going to post the lunches that I make on Instagram and create a Periscope video (@reneebaude)!  My goal is to help moms create healthy lunches THAT KIDS WILL EAT!  It won’t take long and it isn’t expensive!  I promise.  Keeping it real–some are more healthy than others!

Be Blessed as you eat and live with L.O.V.E., compassion and gratitude!

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