Vegan Candy

Top 10 Vegan Halloween Candy

Trick or Treat?

My kids have been teasing me about giving out bunches of kale for Halloween!  I’m not that much of a crazy #veganmom!  I do however buy vegan candy to give out.  Because it is so amazingly easy to do!

My Top 10  9 Halloween Vegan Candy Choices

1.)  Laffy Taffy

2.)  Dum Dums

3.)  Smarties

4.) Nerds

5.)  Dots

6.)  Bottle Caps

7.)  Air Heads

8.)  Skittles

9.)  Starbursts (I guess are not vegan according to the dozens of email I have received.  I checked my ingredient list and did not see gelatin but that many people must be correct.)

10.) Sweet Tarts

Vegan Candy

What are your favorite vegan Halloween candies?

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Not so horrible am I?

With all of these great choices that include two of my all time favorite candies–even before declaring myself a vegan–I was making steps towards being vegan!  So really, we could all be vegan on Halloween.  We could all buy candy with compassion in mind.

Have a wonderful and safe Halloween!


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