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Why I don’t eat meat #27

Why I don’t eat meat #27

I think many of you know I’m writing a book “47 Reason’s I don’t eat meat!”  But if you don’t know–I am.

The idea for the book has been rattling in my head for a few years now but I just never really had the courage to put it all down on paper.  I still don’t have the courage.  It isn’t a story just about not eating meat, it is a story of transformation from a compassionate farm girl who loved every single animal, turned pastry chef, turned line cook, turned deli goddess and now finally I’m a compassionate woman who dreams of having her own organic farm.  Each time someone asked me why I don’t eat meat–I would give a different answer.  I realized (after a long time of answering the same question) that my reasons were multifaceted and seemingly non ending.  So I began to keep track.

#27 Why I don’t eat Chickens!

This is a great article that includes a video.  And only one of the many reasons I don’t eat chickens.

Check it out here —>  Click here for the article. 

The article is not graphic at all and has some interesting statistics like :  Poultry Science journal has calculated that if humans grew at the same rate as today’s chickens, a human would weigh 660 pounds by the age of eight weeks.


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