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5 Lunch Box L.O.V.E. Notes #8 (find your groove)

This weeks lunch box L.O.V.E. Notes!

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Monday of this week I was out of town with my youngest.  I was so proud of myself for getting their lunch boxes together before I left–including love notes.  What can I say?  I’m a planner!  We left Sunday morning after a long day Saturday . . . the day of homecoming!  I have a son and it was stressful . . . I can’t imagine having a girl.  A busy weekend can lead to a stressful week of the kids not feeling like they are in the flow.

Get your Groove

I often talk to people about finding their own groove.  Finding your own groove is important and realizing that the groove will change as soon as it starts to feel good.  I hate that part!!  Some weeks we can’t “get in the groove” until Wednesday or Thursday and then it just seems late . . . but better late than never.  BECAUSE, when you are in the groove, even for the shortest bit of time, that resets your whole mind.  (ok, maybe not your whole mind!) When we have that moment of “I’ve got this.” or that feeling of a  huge exhale . . . in that moment we can move forward renewed and refreshed.

How to find your Groove

We can find our groove by being mindful.  Ask yourself what works, what doesn’t work, what do I like, what do I dislike, what inspires me, what makes my heart sing?  Daily affirmations, love notes, moments of intention thinking . . . that’s when we figure out what makes us feel groovy when we are in the groove.

Eat and Live with L.O.V.E., compassion and gratitude (and grooviness :-))

This week’s love notes will instill a sense of joy as we figure out what makes us feel groovy.

  1. I am beginning to understand that my actions impact those around me.
  2. I can fill my mind with loving thoughts by reading or sitting in nature.
  3. I will smile 5 times at 5 different people and send them positive energy.
  4. My prayer is . . .  (I’m amazed at what kids come up with.)
  5. I feel best when I  . . .  I feel bad when I . . . (let the kids come up with their own level of awareness on how they are feeling.)

My style of parenting is based on being gentle, loving, kind and respectful–I’m also strict and have high expectations.  It’s a balance.

What’s for lunch?

Wondering what to pack for lunch?  Well . . . I’ve been posting the kids lunches on Instagram.  I shoot for healthy but it’s also very real!

Come Back Each Week AND SHARE!

What kid doesn’t want to get a love note in his/her lunch box?  The kids absolutely love them.  I will post 5 new love notes each week!  AND a little bit of conscious parenting ideas!

Follow Me On Instagram!

I post daily on instagram.  Simple heathy food, mindful moments, and what’s going on as a vegan Mom with 4 busy kids 8-14  years old.

Need Help packing lunches?

No worries–I am going to post the lunches that I make on Instagram and create a Periscope video (@reneebaude)!  My goal is to help moms create healthy lunches THAT KIDS WILL EAT!  It won’t take long and it isn’t expensive!  I promise.  Keeping it real–some are more healthy than others!

Be Blessed as you eat and live with L.O.V.E., compassion and gratitude!

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